Fabric Shampoo is a High Foam Neutral pH Crystallising Shampoo for Carpets and Fabrics

Prochem's Fibre Shampoo is a concentrated blend of high foaming, crystallising neutral detergents and performance additives specially formulated for use on carpet fibres and wet cleanable fabrics.

Fibre Shampoo can be used in conjunction with carpet rotary brush machines, bonnet mops and dry foam equipment as well as brush and sponge shampoo cleaning of upholstery fabrics.

It also contains a buffered pH system to help prevent 'browning' and colour bleed and can also be used in conjunction with Prochem 'problem solver' additives.

This clear liquid with a lemon and lime fragrance has excellent cleaning and quick drying properties

Dilution Rate - 1:20 to 1:25

pH - 7

HousekeepingCarpet / Fabric / Leather
FloorcareCarpet Cleaning, Extraction Detergent
// Product TypeChemicals, Floorcare
// BrandProchem
Prochem Fibre Shampoo

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