Prespray Gold is a woolsafe approved carpet and fabric prespray

Prespray Gold is a high concentrate professional strength pre-spray cleaner for wool, wool-mix, stain resistant nylon and other pH sensitive, wet-cleanable carpets, rugs and upholstery fabrics.

Prespray Gold is an amber liquid with a floral lemon fragrance that has high cleaning power, but mild pH to tackle tough oily and greasy soils prior to extraction rinsing.

This prespray is also a WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.

Dilution=1 to 32


HousekeepingCarpet / Fabric / Leather
FloorcareCarpet Cleaning, Prespray
// Product TypeChemicals, Floorcare
// BrandProchem
Prochem Prespray Gold

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