Oxy-gen Air Freshener Refills Tang Orange 60 Day 4*

Oxy-gen Air Freshener Refills

Air Freshener refills for the Oxy-gen 60 day dispensers. Each refill is guaranteed to last for 60 days!

OXR01 £8.50 Crush Tropical 60 Day 4*

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Oxygen Powered Shield Stainless Dispenser

Oxygen Powered Shield Stainless Dispenser

Introducing the Stylish, Stainless Steel, Vandal-proof Air Freshening system!

OXD04 £40.00 Stainless Steel Dispenser

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Oxygen Dispensers and Refills

Oxygen Powered Viva Air Freshener Dispenser

The Oxygen Powered Viva!e air freshener emits intensely scented pure fragrance oil continuously, creating a permanently fresh environment. Ideal for use in washrooms and offices.

OXD01 £18.00 White Dispenser Only

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AERAF Air Freshener Aerosol

Air Freshener Aerosol

Quick and convenient aerosols for high impact freshening of the atmosphere.

AERAF £1.00 Aerosol

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CLAR07 CLAR05 Clover Arosa

Clover Arosa

Fragrant air freshener for lasting results.

CLAR07 £3.15 750ml

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CLUB Ultra Dose Products

Clover Ultra Dose Products

Simple Dosage control system for accurate dilution of chemicals. does not require connection to mains water.

CLUB10 £54.20 UB10 Degreaser

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Kleenmist Andarta Fragrance Aerosols

Andarta 100 Air Freshener Refills

Refills to suit Andarta System 100 Air Freshener.

AERTMC £7.50 Citrus Refill

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AERTMD Air Freshener Dispenser

Andarta System Air Freshener Dispenser

Neat and Smart Chrome finish automatic air freshener

AERTMDP £26.10 Dispenser Only

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AER020 Blast Hi Power Citrus Air Freshener

Blast Hi-Power Air Freshener

High pressure air freshener for a long lasting effect even in large areas.

AER020 £7.05 Hi Power Citrus Air Freshener 750ml

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