Simple Dosage control system for accurate dilution of chemicals. does not require connection to mains water.

CLUB10 UB10 Degreaser £54.20 Add to Order
CLUB20 UB20 Sanitiser £54.20 Add to Order
CLUB30 UB30 Toilet/Washroom Cleaner £54.20 Add to Order
CLUB50 UB50 Multi Surface Cleaner £54.20 Add to Order
CLUB70 UB70 Air Freshener £54.20 Add to Order
CLUB80 UB80 Glass Cleaner £54.20 Add to Order
CLUB90 UB90 Fragrant Room Cleaner £54.20 Add to Order

A complete range of concentrated chemicals for simple yet effective portion control.

use with the wall mounted Ultra Dose system for an instant Chemical Control  Centre.

Cleancare will custom design the product board for the exact products to suit your requirments, choose from the 4 or 2 board system

Prices are for 4x2Litre pack

ChemicalsHousekeeping, Antibacterial / Antimicrobial, Cleaner / Degreaser, Cleaner / Disinfectant, Deodoriser, Sanitiser, Air Freshener
// BrandClover
CLUB Ultra Dose Products
  Number of triggers of cleancing solution produced per case of concentrate  Number of buckets of cleaning solution produced per case of concentrate 
UB10 Degreaser 264 160
UB20 Sanitiser 800 264
UB30 Toilet/Washroom Cleaner 400 132
UB50 Multi Surface Cleaner 264 160
UB70 Air Freshener 400 -
UB80 Glass Cleaner 112 -
UB90 Fragrant Room Cleaner 264 -

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We accept the following payment methods

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