Dazzle is a food safe stainless steel cleaner polish which leaves a lasting shine.

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Clover's Dazzle is a stainless steel polish which leaves a lasting shine and is resistant to finger marks and dirt. Dazzle is also low odour, non-tainting and can be used in food hygiene areas.

Dazzle has been specially designed to clean and polish stainless steel and other bright metals, leaving a protective, high gloss finish.

Dazzle is ideal for removing finger marks, grease and dirt from refrigerators, kitchen ranges, display cabinets, lifts, process equipment and all stainless steel surfaces.

Dilution rate - ready to use.

Directions for use

  • Remove gross contamination or soiling from the surface.
  • Spray lightly onto the surface
  • Then wipe immediately with a lint free cloth or paper
// Product TypeChemicals, Polish, Kitchen, Cleaner / Degreaser, Housekeeping
// BrandClover
Clover Dazzle

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