DD10 is a specialised, food safe, pH neutral degreaser.

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Clover's DD10 is an odourless, food safe, pH neutral degreaser for the removal of oil and grease from all surfaces.

Food Industry

For general cleaning, DD10 can be used by hand or through cleaning equipment. It is ideal for the removal of vegetable oils, mineral oils, animal fats and grease in kitchens, bakeries, pie makers, crisp/savoury snack factories, meat processing plants, etc. Fantastic for cleaning mixing tanks and other equipment.

Engineering/Automotive Industry

DD10 is excellent for removing oil or diesel spillages from tarmac and is also used in garages and engineering works to clean floors, equipment, fixtures and fittings. Clover's DD10 will safely remove oil and grease from solvent or alkali sensitive surfaces.

// Product TypeChemicals, Specialist, Kitchen, Cleaner / Degreaser, Industrial, Automotive
// BrandClover
Clover DD10

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