A fragranced biological washroom cleaner and odour neutraliser

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Blu Away is a fragranced biological washroom cleaner & odour neutraliser. 

Blu Away is specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free washrooms and is highly effective against urine odours. 

It eradicates organic staining and odour problems and prevents uric acid scale build-up in urinals, toilet bowls & on walls & floors. 

Blu Away is also designed to work with waterless urinal systems. 

Dilute Blu Away and swab floors to remove uric scale and urine soiling. 

How does it work?

  • Blu-away contains advanced biological technology to effectively degrade organic matter & uric salts.
  • Regular cleaning with Blu-away eradicates these deposits, maintaining a cleaner, odour-free washroom.
  • Blu-away may be adversely affected by bactericidal cleaners such as bleach & disinfectants because it works biologically
// Product TypeChemicals, Washroom, Deodoriser, Descaler
Blu Away Biological Washroom Cleaner 750ml

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