A simple yet effective deodoriser for gents urinals. New Formulation

£18.65 Temporarily Out of Stock

*This product has been discontinued and replaced by Urinal Block Channel Cubes as of 29/1/16*

New unique 'Soap' formulation will not cause blockages.

Place two or three blocks in each urinal for fast results.


Traditional 'Granular' blocks dissolve in air but not in water. As they become smaller they enter the drainage channel therefore fall into water and stop dissolving. Obviously as the 'Granules' build up over time they cause the blockages regularly found in gents urinals!

Use our Acid Drain opener to resolve this problem and switch to our Cherry Urinal Cubes for maintenance. 

// Product TypeChemicals, Washroom, Deodoriser
SC007 Cherry Channel Cubes

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We accept the following payment methods

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