Unger Stingray Glass Cleaning TriPad

Unger Stingray Glass Cleaning TriPad

The Stingray Glass Cleaning TriPad is a replacement microfibre pad for the Stingray Indoor Cleaning System eliminates dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt.

USRPD1 £8.63 25 x 25 x 25 x 0.25 cm Microfibre Stringray Pad

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TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipes

TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipes

TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Wipes are strong absorbant rough and soft cleaning wipes with a citrus odour, for industrial use.

WP004 £14.98 1 Bucket of 110 wipes

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TYGRIS OneWipe Industrial Wipes

TYGRIS OneWipe™ Industrial Wipes

The OneWipe™ is a large, strong, absorbent industrial hand wipe that has been developed to clean tough stuff and will clean almost anything!

WP003 £8.50 1 Tub of 110 Wipes

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Hygea Hands & Face Wipes

Hygea Hands & Face Wipes

Hygea hands and face wipes are kind to the skin with added skin softner helping to protect the skin in long term use.

WP005 £5.95 Pack of 200 Wipes

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PCP03 Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 3ply

Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 3 ply

Heavy Duty 3ply blue roll for industrial wiping.

PCP03 £23.35 6x 130m Rolls

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PCP02 Embossed Centrepull White Roll 2ply

Embossed Centrepull White Roll 2 ply

The ever-popular white roll for multi purpose wiping.

PCP02 £18.75 6x 150m Rolls

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USCRMW Pre Washed Linen Window Scrim

Pre Washed Linen Window Scrim

Pre-washed and ready for use.

USCRMW £6.77 Linen Cloth

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WP007 Surface Wipes

WP007 £26.25 Pack of 1000 Wipes

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SC009 Brillo Pads

Brillo Pads

The soap pad for stubborn deposits.

SC009 £18.05 Pack of 120 - Regular

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BCIRSTND Industrial Wiping Roll Dispenser

Dispenser for Industrial Wiping Rolls

A truly invincible solution.

BCIRSTND £33.20 Floorstanding Dispenser

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PIR0 Industrial Wiping Roll

Industrial Wiping Roll

Excellent for anywhere a wipe is needed quickly and conveniently.

PIR01 £18.75 28cm x 400m Roll - 2 Ply Blue

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BC8311W Dolphin Paper C Feed Dispenser

Dolphin Paper C-Feed Dispenser White

Wall mount and protect your ever popular wiping roll.

BC8311W £21.55 Dispenser

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PIR03 Superstrong Industrial Roll White

Superstrong Industrial Roll White

Lint free super strength roll.

PIR03 £34.70 1x Roll

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PKR01 Kitchen Roll 2 ply White

Kitchen Roll 2 ply White

The traditional kitchen wiper.

PKR01 £16.60 Pack of 24 Rolls

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PCP01 Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 2ply

Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 2 ply

The ever-popular blue roll for multi purpose wiping.

PCP01 £18.75 6x 150m Rolls

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HSJSP Jumbo Car Sponge

Jumbo Car Sponge

The ever-popular car sponge that's not just for cars.

HSJSP £0.85 Jumbo Sponge

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CH012 Edging Pad

CH012BE £1.15 Blue

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H5229 H5228 Edging Pad Gripper

H5228 £11.65 Hand Action

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CH011 Copper Pot Scourer

Copper Pot Scourer

A favourite with all kitchen deep-cleans.

CH011 £6.30 Pack of 25

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CHMAG Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

Removes scuff marks miraculously from many surfaces.

CHMAG £5.30 Magic Eraser

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CHFN01 Fastnet Abrasive Sponge

Fastnet Abrasive Sponge

Pack of 10 sponges.

CHFN01 £11.70 Pack of 10

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CH013 Terry Toweling Bale

Terry Towelling Bale

Bulk bales of pre-cut and washed terry towelling.

CH013 £25.50 Bale

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PRWHI White Terry Towels

White Terry Towels

Hemmed and even-sized terry towels.

PRWHI £14.40 Pack of 12

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CH010 Sponge Scourer

Sponge Scourer

Heavy, abrasive pad with an absorbent sponge backing.

CH010 £3.75 Pack of 10

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