PCP03 Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 3ply

Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 3 ply

Heavy Duty 3ply blue roll for industrial wiping.

PCP03 £23.35 6x 130m Rolls

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PCP02 Embossed Centrepull White Roll 2ply

Embossed Centrepull White Roll 2 ply

The ever-popular white roll for multi purpose wiping.

PCP02 £18.75 6x 150m Rolls

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BCIRSTND Industrial Wiping Roll Dispenser

Dispenser for Industrial Wiping Rolls

A truly invincible solution.

BCIRSTND £33.20 Floorstanding Dispenser

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PIR0 Industrial Wiping Roll

Industrial Wiping Roll

Excellent for anywhere a wipe is needed quickly and conveniently.

PIR01 £18.75 28cm x 400m Roll - 2 Ply Blue

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BC8311W Dolphin Paper C Feed Dispenser

Dolphin Paper C-Feed Dispenser White

Wall mount and protect your ever popular wiping roll.

BC8311W £21.55 Dispenser

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PIR03 Superstrong Industrial Roll White

Superstrong Industrial Roll White

Lint free super strength roll.

PIR03 £34.70 1x Roll

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PKR01 Kitchen Roll 2 ply White

Kitchen Roll 2 ply White

The traditional kitchen wiper.

PKR01 £16.60 Pack of 24 Rolls

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PCP01 Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 2ply

Embossed Centrepull Blue Roll 2 ply

The ever-popular blue roll for multi purpose wiping.

PCP01 £18.75 6x 150m Rolls

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