Unger Stingray Glass Cleaning TriPad

Unger Stingray Glass Cleaning TriPad

The Stingray Glass Cleaning TriPad is a replacement microfibre pad for the Stingray Indoor Cleaning System eliminates dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt.

USRPD1 £8.63 25 x 25 x 25 x 0.25 cm Microfibre Stringray Pad

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SC009 Brillo Pads

Brillo Pads

The soap pad for stubborn deposits.

SC009 £18.05 Pack of 120 - Regular

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HSJSP Jumbo Car Sponge

Jumbo Car Sponge

The ever-popular car sponge that's not just for cars.

HSJSP £0.85 Jumbo Sponge

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CH012 Edging Pad

CH012BE £1.15 Blue

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H5229 H5228 Edging Pad Gripper

H5228 £11.65 Hand Action

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CH011 Copper Pot Scourer

Copper Pot Scourer

A favourite with all kitchen deep-cleans.

CH011 £6.30 Pack of 25

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CHMAG Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

Removes scuff marks miraculously from many surfaces.

CHMAG £5.30 Magic Eraser

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CHFN01 Fastnet Abrasive Sponge

Fastnet Abrasive Sponge

Pack of 10 sponges.

CHFN01 £11.70 Pack of 10

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CH010 Sponge Scourer

Sponge Scourer

Heavy, abrasive pad with an absorbent sponge backing.

CH010 £3.75 Pack of 10

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CH008 Optima Plus Antibacterial Cloth

Optima Plus Antibacterial Cloth

Lightweight cloth with a heavy performance.

CH008B £6.40 Pack of 25 - Blue

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CH009G Scouring Pad

Green Scouring Pads

Tough scourers for tough cleaning tasks.

CH009G £2.70 Pack of 10

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