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For a limited time only, we're giving away 2x FREE i-gum Service Boxes worth £52.50ea with every i-gum Chewing Gum Removal Machine purchased...

Each service box contains enough chemical, gas and brushes for 8 hours of gum removal!

Introducing the powerful new i-gum system from Cleancare Ireland.

Introducing the powerful new i-gum system from Cleancare Ireland. This environmentally friendly chewing gum removal machine can be used on almost all surfaces including tarmac, stone, brickwork, marble, hard floors and even carpet. It completely removes chewing gum from surfaces in 6 seconds leaving no residue. Worn as a back pack, it's completely free of cables and trailing hoses, requiring no water or power supply.

  • Remove up to 250 pieces of gum per hour
  • Comfortable and durable back pack
  • Lightweight lance
  • Rechargeable battery with 12 hours of life
  • Built in gas powered burner
  • Special gum removal chemical
  • Weight (machine only): 6.19kg
  • Weight (fully loaded): 9.31kg


FloorcareCarpet Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning, Hard Floor Maintenance
// Product TypeEquipment, Floorcare, Specialist, Power Washing
i-gum Chewing Gum Removal Machine

Finance Available

Make the i-gum Chewing Gum Removal System work for you and your business.

Below are some finance examples to show you how we can help spread the cost of your new machine. Applying is easy and decisions are made in minutes. 

lease term monthly re-payment no. of payments
2 year £156.34 x24
3 year £106.34 x36
4 year £85.56 x36
5 year £72.18 x60

Call us now on 028 9084 8595 or complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will come back to you within 24 hours. 

Payments subject to VAT where applicable. Finance options are open to limited companies, federations, registered charities and government departments subject to a credit check. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer finance to sole traders and private individuals at this time. 

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Demo: The i-gum Chewing Gum Removal Machine in action

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Call us on 028 9084 8595 or complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will come back to you as soon as possible.

How it works...

The i-gum's special lance has a built in LPG powered burner which instantly vaporises the powerful, yet environmentally friendly, cleaning chemical.

A robust back pack is worn by the operative containing the gas, gum removal chemical, battery, blower and pump.

The gas is blown down into the burner lance using a fan to ensure the flame is not blown out in windy conditions, giving continuous, reliable use. At the same time, the chemical is pumped into the burner where it is vapourised.

When the vapourised chemical comes into contact with gum it breaks it down instantly into a non-sticky, liquid residue. This is then swept away. When it rains, any remaining residue will wash away leaving the area totally gum free.

Before now there were only two other methods to remove chewing gum:

  1. Using a dry steam cleaner which required a noisy generator, with cables and hoses trailing along the ground making it unsafe. In comparison, this type of dry steamer is very slow at removing chewing gum. 
  2. The alternative was using high pressure washers which also have trailing water hoses and cables, or use engine driven pumps which can be very noisy. This method creates a huge amount of mess, uses a lot of water and the gum is not destroyed, only blasted off ending up somewhere else to get trodden on again.

The i-gum System has no trailing hoses, no cables, is quiet, fast and completely removes chewing gum.

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i-gum Service Box

i-gum Service Box

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We accept the following payment methods

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