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Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser And Refills

At Cleancare we have every weapon you could ever need to fight bad odours and smells in washrooms, toilets, kitchens, and other workplace rooms. From  automatic air freshener dispensers and refills to aerosol air fresheners in bulk, biological washroom cleaner, urinal blocks, deodorisers, urine neutralisers for carpets and hard floors and ozone generators to sanitise the air.


Air Freshener Systems

Clover Arosa


Air Freshener Systems

Clover Ultra Dose Products


Air Freshener Systems

iVo Ekcos Urinal Screen P Pads


The sanitary products and chemicals come from brands like Andarta, Craftex, Prochem, Tygris, Sutter, Sanitaire, and Clover and are trusted by hundreds of clients all over the UK!