Clover Citrus Degreaser


Clover’s Citrus Degreaser is a fast-acting, citrus-based degreaser that emulsifies with water for easy rinsing and liquifies oils and grease on contact leaving a fresh, orange fragrance.

A highly effective degreaser for the removal of vegetable oils, vegetable fats, animal fats, grease, oils, cutting oils, mineral oils, bunker C oil, inks, diesel, tar, bitumen, rubber, wax and asphalt.

Designed for use on all metals, stone and concrete, Citrus Degreaser is recommended for use in industry, engineering, animal by-product, processes, drains, sewerage treatments and as a highly effective cleaner for grease traps.

Directions for Use

  • Apply using a brush, spray or cloth.
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Suitable for dosing meter or dip tank use

Size: 5L

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