Clover Dose It C1 Interior Cleaner


Clover’s Dose It C1 Interior Cleaner is a portable dosage control system, that requires no dispensing equipment, as the dosage control cap cleanly and safely dispenses 20mls of interior cleaner providing strict portion control and an alternative to static dosing systems. This also means no splash or spill when pouring.

Dose It Interior Cleaner creates 50 trigger sprays or 25 buckets of ready to use solution per bottle, meaning that it is extremely economical in use.

C1 Interior Cleaner:

  • Is ideal for the daily cleaning of general interior surfaces such as desks, chairs, windows, doors, etc
  • Is a surface safe multi-surface cleaner which cleans, freshens & enhances all hard surfaces
  • Effective on glass, bright metals, laminates, wood, glass, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel and other water washable surfaces.
  • Is low residue
  • Is fragrant in use with a controlled foam level for easy application

We can provide RTU labels free of charge.


Directions for use

  • Apply a solution onto hard surfaces using a trigger spray, cloth or mop and wipe clean