Clover Pro Roc Oven Cleaner


PROfessional Rapid Oven Cleaner

Clover’s Pro-Roc Oven Cleaner is a ready to use thin liquid oven cleaner for use through spray applicators.

Pro-Roc is a clear liquid with a non-tainting formulation that contains a high concentration of degreasing agents and alkalis, designed for use in the food industry.

With excellent grease removal properties and a powerful cleaning action against stubborn soilage, Pro-Roc is great for use on ovens and grills etc.

Directions for Use

  1. Apply to surface (use a coarse spray or jet when applying).
  2. Allow a few minutes contact time to soften the deposits.
  3. Agitate if necessary.
  4. Wash away with plenty of clean water.

N.B. not suitable for use on Aluminium, Zinc or other Alkali sensitive surfaces.