Clover Scrub Kleen


Clover’s Scrub Kleen is a heavy duty, low foam, alkaline cleaner designed especially for use in scrubber dryer machines.

A water-based and fragrance-free formula for use in all industrial environments, Scrub Kleen is completely soluble in water and easily mixes in the solution tank of machines.

Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including: concrete floors, industrial painted floors and ceramic tiles to remove carbonised deposits, dried oil, fats, grease, general dirt, blood, protein, rubber and starch.

Scrub Kleen is ideal for use in the food industry, factories and warehouses or in engineering and manufacturing environments.

Directions for Use

  • Dilute with warm or cold water
  • Apply using a scrubber drier

Heavy Soil – 1:100

Medium Soil – 1:150

Light Soil – 1:200

pH – 13.5

Size: 5L

N.B. Do not use on alkali sensitive materials, e.g. Aluminium, Zinc, etc.

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