Clover Trio 100


Trio 100 has been discontinued by Christeyns (Clover) and replaced with Mida Lufragerm Plus

Clover’s Trio 100 is a concentrated, odourless, non-tainting sanitiser that is ideal for daily disinfection in the food industry. Suitable for work surfaces, vehicles, walls and even shower heads.

Passing BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:80 and BS EN 13697, Trio 100 kills 99.999% of bacteria and is effective against MRSA, Salmonella, E.coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Trio cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces safely. Use this sanitiser on a regular basis for cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces, equipment, floors, walls, delivery vehicles, etc.

Trio 100 is suitable for use in a range of industries, including: kitchens, bakeries, confectioners, meat preparation, breweries, shops, butchers, hospitals, restaurants and canteens.

Directions for Use

  1. Clean heavily soiled areas with Ubik 2000, UB10 or Sola-Bac prior to disinfection.
  2. Dilute 1 part Trio 100 with 80 parts of hot or cold water.
  3. Apply to surfaces using a mop, spray, cloth or other equipment.
  4. Contact time: 60 seconds* (* For dirty areas allow a contact time of 5 minutes. For 10 second contact time, use at 1:20 dilution).
  5. Wipe off or rinse away with water.
  • For sanitising showerheads/air conditioning units: soak in a 1:80 solution of Trio 100 for 30 minutes and rinse well to kill Legionnella Pneumophila (Legionnaire’s Disease).

N.B. Do not mix with other chemicals or cleaners. When using in machines, a defoamer may need to be added to the water collection tank.

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