Fungoe Exterior Cleaner


Fungoe is a concentrated exterior cleaner for the soft washing of paths, walls, yards and fences which is sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Active Biocide actually kills the fungi and helps prevent regrowth.

By looking at the pictures, you will see that Fungoe is excellent at removing algae, fungi & moss. This algae remover is also very simple and very quick to use – simply spray and walk away! No scrubbing, agitation, rinsing or pressure washing required. Fungoe can also be used as a pre-spray treatment prior to pressure cleaning heavily soiled areas or in fact also as an after treatment to help inhibit return of moss and algae.

Directions for use

  1. Dilute with 4 parts clean water to 1 part concentrate.
  2. Apply by watering can or preferably sprayer to give uniform wet coverage.
  3. Apply in dry conditions  and ensure 2 hours contact time as a minimum before rain or rinsing. Longer contact periods are recommended.
  4. Leave to dry.
  5. Results should be visible over 2 days.

Size: 5L

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