I-Vac Tub Vacuum Cleaner


Ideal for commercial use, users of the I-Vac have found that its chances of being broken or damaged are significantly reduced as a result of several new fantastic features which include:

  • Flexible 15 metre extra long cable, which is easily replaced by the user
  • Cable restrain, to prevent cable damage which arises from pulling
  • Exchangeable motor unit, replace the suction motor in less than 1 minute, no wiring!
  • 2.5 metre twist & crush-resistant hose with reinforced end sections
  • Thin, glide easy, floor tool, meaning improved access underneath furniture
  • A noise reduction system on the motor with High/Low power options for daytime cleaning
  • Vertical Parking, so you can clean around stairs without the unit moving on its castors
  • Sides on power switch to prevent damage from feet
  • Heat resistance pp filter cassette to avoid deforming
  • Convenient on-board tool storage
  • Impact-resistant, flexible body
  • Clog Whistle to warn of blockage or full bag
  • HEPA filter option for medical environments
Technical Specifications
Voltage 230 Volt Weight 6.3 kg
Motor 1100 Watt Height 350 mm
Material PP Diameter 380 mm
Suction Power 2400 mm Cable Length 15 meter
Air Speed 50 L/sec Capacity (paper bag) 6 Ltr
Sound Level 62 dB Warranty  2 year

If you want a vacuum that can be cost effectively repaired instead of having to replace it due to the cost of parts and labour then the I-Vac is for you!

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