MOBI Carry Window Cleaning Kit – 5.2 mtr


MOBI Carry ‘n’ Go filtration vessel filled with demineralising resin

This MOBI window cleaning kit includes:

  • MOBI® Carry filter filled with MB111 demineralising resin
  • GXTEL5200R 20ft glass fibre pole with 20-metres of Lite-5® hose tubing
  • Vikan Hi-Lo monofilament brush with 2x pencil jets
  • AHA.H6 Anti-snag aluminium coupler
  • Hose kit to connect filter to mains tap
  • Hose kit to connect pole to filter
  • Handheld TDS meter to measure water quality

This window cleaning kit is ideal for someone using it up to 3 times a week.

This will filter approx 2000L of water