The MOBI Big Blue 10” filter Kit


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The MOBI Big Blue 10” filter Kit

  • GXTEL5200R 20ft glass fibre pole with 20-metres of Lite-5 hose tubing
  • Vikan Hi-Lo monofilament brush with 2 x pencil jets
  • AHA.H6 Anti-snag aluminium coupler
  • Hose kit to connect filter to mains tap
  • Hose kit to connect pole to filter
  • Handheld TDS meter to measure water quality

Depending on water hardness will produce approximately 500L of pure water

Ideal for someone who wants to use it twice a month

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Out of stock

MOBI Big Blue Demineralising Filters

The new Filterplus MOBI Big Blue 10” filters, added to the already popular MOBI® range, increase the options for producing pure water right where you need it.

These filters are mounted on a robust metal frame which allows them to be carried to point of use, or fixed (using the optional hanging bracket) to a vertical surface, ie. wall-mounted near a tap, or even fixed in a van as part of a system.

Filled with demineralising resin, these filters produce instant pure water for applications where a spot-free rinse is required, such as cleaning glass, windows, frames, conservatory roofs, solar panels, etc. Replacement resin cartridges make filter changes quick and easy, saving the operator time and money. What’s more – they can be refilled too, so if you are keen to save the pennies, simply buy some resin and refill the cartridges as required

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