Sanique S1 Electrostatic Sprayer – New Model (Mk2)

Sanique S1 Electrostatic Sprayer – Mk2

The S1 Mark 2 is the latest piece of equipment to help with sanitising and deep cleaning in the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Cleancare Ireland have just landed stock of these fantastic electrostatic sprayers in Belfast Northern Ireland today (23rd February 2021)

The S1 Electrostatic sprayer is a superb way to sanitise all your door handles, handrails, and touch points.

Simply fill the integrated tank with your chosen disinfectant and your ready to kill viruses and bacteria on all the common points people touch.

With a powerful 16.8V battery pack these misting sprayers will run for up to 8 hours. A second battery in the kit makes it ready to tackle continuous use.

Whilst a fogging machine is perfect for fumigating unoccupied buildings, electrostatic sanitisers are the ideal way to maintain hygienic conditions even when people are present.

Start being proactive today against Covid 19 and order your electrostatic sprayer online at Cleancare Ireland. It is the best way to let your Clients see you are serious about hygiene and their safety.

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