Deb Estesol Hair and Body 1L

Deb Estesol Hair & Body

Estesol Hair & Body is a pleasantly fragranced shower gel to remove general workplace dirt and grime for use in any industrial, workplace, leisure or hospitality shower.

DB009 £9.50 1L

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Deb Estesol Lotion Pure 2L

Deb Estesol Lotion Pure

Estesol Lotion Pure is a perfume-free light duty lotion hand cleanser for regular use to remove general dirt and grime.

DB007 £8.85 2L

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Deb Estesol Orange Lotion 2L

Deb Estesol Orange Lotion

Estesol Orange Lotion is a translucent 'citrus zest' lotion hand cleanser based on coconut oil to produce a rich, creamy lather.

DB005 £13.32 2L

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Deb Refresh Azure Foam Soap 1L

Deb Refresh Azure FOAM Soap

Azure Foam Soap is a lightly perfumed gentle foam hand wash.

DB013 £8.95 1L

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Deb InstantFOAM Hand Sanitiser 250ml

Deb InstantFOAM Complete

InstantFoam Complete is a highly effective, broad spectrum alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensed as a foam. The world's first alcohol foam hand sanitiser proven to be fully virucidal.

DB015 £8.95 250ml Hand Sanitiser

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Deb Stokolan Light Pure 1L

Deb Stokolan Light PURE

Stokolan Light Pure is a mild, perfume-free and dye-free non-greasy after-work conditioning cream to help maintain healthy skin and avoid dryness.

DB011 £16.65 Restore Cream 1L

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Deb Solopol Lime Hand Cleaner 2L

Deb Solopol Lime Hand Cleaner

Solopol Lime is a petroleum solvent-free hand cleanser for removing medium to heavy soiling in industrial environments.

DB001 £11.65 2L

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TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipes

TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipes

TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Wipes are strong absorbant rough and soft cleaning wipes with a citrus odour, for industrial use.

WP004 £14.98 1 Bucket of 110 wipes

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TYGRIS OneWipe Industrial Wipes

TYGRIS OneWipe™ Industrial Wipes

The OneWipe™ is a large, strong, absorbent industrial hand wipe that has been developed to clean tough stuff and will clean almost anything!

WP003 £8.50 1 Tub of 110 Wipes

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Brightwell Dispenser for Buster Extra

Bulk Fill Dispenser for Beaded Hand Cleaner

This Bulk Fill Dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser with a 3L capacity for use with heavy duty, industrial beaded products, and thickened gels. It is also suitable for use with skin cleaner for painters and engineers.

BCBUS £47.90 3L Dispenser

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Wake Up Blue - Cool Shower Gel 5L

Wake Up Blue - Cool Shower Gel 5L

Wake Up Blue Cool Shower Gel is a pleasently perfumed, foaming liquid shower gel. 

CLWU5 £7.95 5L

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Hygea Hands & Face Wipes

Hygea Hands & Face Wipes

Hygea hands and face wipes are kind to the skin with added skin softner helping to protect the skin in long term use.

WP005 £5.95 Pack of 200 Wipes

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Sutter DUS Scented Luxury Handwash

SUDU05 £2.35 500ml

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Hanzl Multiline 3 Skincare Trial Pack

Ideal Starter kit for those needing a professional industrial skincare system

KMLTRP1 £49.95 H. Duty Skincare Trial System

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CLBLUE15 Cool Blue Hand Cleaning Gel

Cool Blue Hand Cleaning Gel

Heavy duty, beaded hand cleaner.

CLBLUE15 £21.00 15L Bucket

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CLSBBE Clover Soap Board System Buster Extra

CLSBPO £7.85 Pump Only

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CLIN3 Clover Inasec

Clover Inasec

No rinse skin cleanser.

CLIN3-DXD £2.00 300ml

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CLBC3 CLBC5 Clover Barrier Cream

Clover Barrier Cream

Advanced information to protect skin.

CLBC3 £2.95 300ml

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CLBLU5 Clover Buster Extra

Clover Buster Extra

Buster Extra is a heavy duty beaded hand cleaner.

CLBLU5 £14.15 5L

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WP005 Hand and Surface Sanitiser Wipes

Hand & Surface Sanitiser Wipes

Kills Salmonella, E.Coli, MRSA, & Swine flu.

WP005-DXD £8.50 Pack of 200 Wipes

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WP003 WP004 Tygris One Wipe Industrial Wipes

Tygris Industrial Wipes

110 Wipes per pack.

WP003-DXD £8.50 Tygris 1 Wipe Industrial Wipes

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WP001 Hanzl Ultra Hand Scrubber Towels

Hanzl Ultra Hand Scrubber Wipes

Quality textured wet wipes for the removal of very heavy soil.

WP001 £19.10 Wipes

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KST1005 STOP IT Skin Protective Cream

STOP IT Skin Protection Cream

STOP IT Skin Protection Cream is a wash off skin protector for dry work.

KST1005 £5.45 115ml

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CLCARE3 Clover Care 4 Moisturising Cream

Clover Care 4 Moisturising Cream

A quality cream to replenish the skin before, during and after the working day.

CLCARE3 £3.15 300ml

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