"We have been using the Tear 'n' Dry System now for about 6 months and found that it has saved us roughly 60% on paper towels. There is less waste and the paper it's self is of good quality being more absorbent."

Managing Director
Plant Hire Company

"Since we at McErlean Trailers purchased the Tear 'n' Dry, we have saved 50% on paper rolls. It is off a great benefit to our business from its been installed."

Managing Director
Road Trailer Manufacture

"The Tear 'n' Dry dispensing system, recommended and supplied by Cleancare has greatly reduced the amount of paper in our waste streams. Our cleaner said that the paper baskets at the sinks now need emptying far less often. It’s clear that most of that paper was not actually being used, the new dispenser ensures that the minimum amount of paper required to dry your hands is used. I thoroughly recommend this product. There is also an obvious cost saving, less waste = less cost."

Facilities Manager
Electronic Equipment Manufacture

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We accept the following payment methods

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