VOV30E Ova8 Carbon Pole 30ft 1

Streamline Ova-8 Anti-Spin Waterfed Window Cleaning Poles

Ova-8 Brings new technology to window cleaning by waterfed pole. The unique anti-spin shape reduces wear and means it's impossible for your brush head to rotate.

VOV24E £294.00 Ova-8 Waterfed Pole 25' 7.3Mtr Complete

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UGLO2X Aqua Seal Pro Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves

Aqua Seal Pro Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves

Durable Thermal 100% Waterproof work gloves.

UGLO2X1 £24.00 Size 9 L

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Unger Stingray Handheld Indoor Cleaning Kit

Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit

*FREE DELIVERY* The Stingray is the most efficient indoor window cleaning tool ever! Perfect for indoor, long-reach speedy cleaning. 

USRKT1 £80.70 Indoor Handheld Cleaning Kit

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Unger nLite Hydropower DI Starter Kit

Unger nLite HydroPower DI Window Cleaning Starter Kit

Clean windows up to 20 feet, with your feet safely on the ground.

VSP12 £299.95 Kit

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VAHA.H6T Anti Snag Pole Hose Adapter

VAHA.H6T £6.80 Hose Adapter

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VJ524753 Medium VJ470474 Hard Hilo Vikan Brush

VJ470474 £24.32 Hard Brush

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