Clover Acid Wash 80


Clover’s Acid Wash 80 is a highly concentrated acidic cleaner, that removes efflorescence, rust stains, cement & plaster splashes, concrete build up and severe scale.

The low odour formula of Acid Wash 80 ensures that no choking fumes are emitted.

Acid Wash 80 is ideal for cleaning concrete floors, brickwork and stone and will remove unsightly concrete and plaster splashes. As a highly powerful descaler, Acid Wash 80 is recommended to remove scale and stains in toilet deep-cleans and can also be used to remove lime dust and rust staining on quarry plant and equipment.

N.B. Do not use on Stainless Steel, Vitreous Enamel or any acid sensitive surfaces. The surface to be cleaned must be resistant to Hydrochloric Acid.

Directions for Use

Dilute according to the job in hand