Clover B-Kleen Extra


Clover’s B-Kleen Extra is a heavy-duty, low-foam, alkaline cleaner for cleaning, revitalising and restoring vehicle interiors, carpets and upholstery.

B-Kleen Extra is an aqueous blend of heavy duty cleaning agents with fabric colour brighteners and fragrances. It is very effective when used to remove grease, oil, nicotine and general soiling.

B-Kleen Extra is excellent for use to clean upholstery and carpets in vans, cars, lorries and buses – ideal for use by professional valeters in the automotive and transport industries.

Directions for use

  • Can be used in machines or by hand
  1. Thoroughly vacuum before application
  2. Dilute according to area to be cleaned
  3. Apply using a cloth, triggerspray or spray extraction machine
  4. Extract as much liquid as possible & rinse if required
  5. Immediately rinse away any overspray with clean water


  • Normal use=1:200
  • Heavy Duty=1:100

Size: 5L