Clover Ubik 2000


Clover’s Ubik 2000 is a universal food safe cleaner concentrate designed to dissolve the toughest grime, leaving a spotless finish. A powerful, blue alkaline cleaner and degreaser, it is designed to perform quickly to maintain hygiene in food environments.

Ubik is great for cleaning food oils, fats, starch, carbon, nicotine, inks, dyes, sugars, mildew, blood, dirt, industrial oils and grease from a multitude of surfaces including: concrete floors, industrial paintwork and painted floors, plastic walls and ceilings, ceramic tiles, plastic coatings, machinery and equipment, paths, roofs, stainless steel and anti-slip floors.

Ubik 2000 is the universal cleaner for the food industry, including bakeries, confectioners, breweries, meat processors, abattoirs, kitchens, pie makers, snack manufacturers and many other food production areas.

Ubik is amazingly versatile and can also be used in the engineering industry, machine shops, printing works, hospital authorities and many more!