Clover Zip Strip


Clover’s Zip Strip is a modern caustic free, floor polish stripper that reduces the risk of ongoing polish problems, with a rinse free formula to reduce preparation time. No need to neutralise before application of new polish. This floor polish stripper rapidly removes heavy build-up of polish.

Zip Strip’s versatility means that it can be applied with mop or machine.

Use Clover’s Zip Strip to remove metallised and non-metallised floor polishes from PVC, thermoplastic, rubber, marble and terrazzo. Not suitable for use on linoleum or wood.

Zip Strip is recommended for use in schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops, shopping centres, ferries, bars, nightclubs and pubs.

Directions for Use

  1. Test for surface compatibility before use.
  2. Always brush floor to remove debris before application.
  3. Dilute Zip Strip with water according to the required usage and apply to floor with a machine, mop or trigger spray.
  4. Allow 5-10 minutes contact time.
  5. Agitate using a scrubbing pad whilst keeping the floor wet.
  6. Remove all polish residue and slurry from the floor completely.


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