Craftex Contramott


Craftex’s Contramott instantly kills fleas, carpet moths, carpet beetles and other carpet damaging insects. It also kills eggs, larvae and pupae, ending any development cycle. Remains active for up to 12 months. Contramott is safe for use in households with pets and small children.

Perfect for cleaning rental properties.

5 litres treats 250m2

Instructions for use

  1. Shake Bottle well
  2. Spray Contramott over a section of the carpet, and brush into the fibres.
  3. Repeat, treating one area at a time until the whole carpet is covered.
  4. It is recommended to spray the back of the carpet or rug if possible and it is important that all carpets and rugs containing wool are treated immediately throughout the whole house.
  5. Children and domestic animals must be kept out of the treated area until it is dry.


Dilution Rate: Ready to use

pH: 7

Size: 5L

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