Deb InstantFOAM Complete


Deb’s InstantFoam Complete is a highly effective, broad spectrum alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensed as a foam, meaning it quickly and easily spreads across the hands leaving no sticky residues.

InstantFOAM Complete also contains moisturisers which helps prevent skin dryness. It has also been independently tested to prove non-tainting to food, making it suitable for use in any environment where food is being handled. Recently, it was nominated as 1 of the top 50 standout products from 2016 in Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards Guide.

InstantFoam Complete is fully tested and proven to be bactericidal (EN 1500), virucidal (EN14476), yeasticidal (EN1650) and mycobactericidal (EN14348) as well as killing 99.999% of many common germs.

Where to use: For use in any hygiene sensitive environment, or where higher levels of hand hygiene are required.

Instructions for Use

  1. For general hygienic use apply 1-2 doses direct to clean hands and spread across all parts of the hands for 30 seconds (contact time for viruses 60 seconds) or until dry.
  2. For hygienic hand disinfection according to the EN1500 standard, apply 3ml and use as above.
  3. For surgical hand disinfection according to EN12791 standard, apply 3ml and rub in to hands using standard hand rub procedure. Re-apply as necessary to keep hands wet for 3 minutes.

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