Rapid Response Mopping System


The super-speedy all-in-one cost-effective solution for emergency spillages!

Contains Rapid Response Cone, Rapid Mop Interchange handle, super drying mop head & frame

Fantastic for dealing with emergency spills of food, drink, liquids, etc, quickly and efficiently.

The Dry Mop swiftly removes liquid spills, eliminating any risk of Slips & Trips and the Rapid Mop applies cleaning solution to remove any dirt & residue.

Dry Mop – Leave floors dry and safe. 100% microfibre with rapid absorption to safely dry floor leaving zero residue, eliminating risk of slips and falls.

Rapid Mop – Bucketless mop system with an integral reservoir in handle that sprays water ahead of the mop head. Press the thumb operated sprayer control at the top of the handle to spray triple outlets on the floor.