Orbot SprayBorg Rotary Floor Cleaner


The Orbot is the most versatile commercial rotary floor cleaner on the market today. With its unique eccentric drive and an assortment of pads and brushes, it can be used to clean, scrub, sand and polish any carpet or hard floor.

What are the advantages of Orbot?

  • Sustainable – for most applications only water is used, greatly reducing the environmental impact (and cost) of chemicals.
  • Labour Saving – minimal effort required.
  • Faster Cleaning – saves time, allowing you to move quickly to your next cleaning task.
  • Faster drying times – which helps to prevent mould formation.
  • Quieter – less noise pollution.
  • Cleans virtually any surface – carpet, concrete, epoxy, stone, tile & grout, other rough-textured floor surfaces, vinyl, wood, urethane, rubber matting, textured rubber flooring, uneven surfaces, porcelain stoneware, safety tiles, water-sensitive surfaces and other soft to medium-hard floor surfaces found in outdoor hotel hallways, garages, gymnasiums and so forth.
  • Can be used for multiple tasks including chemical-free refinishing, intensive scrubbing of tile & grout, deep carpet cleaning, chemical-free stone care, chemical-free refinishing & cleaning of microporous, textured rubber and water-sensitive flooring.

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