Venus Acid Resistant Heavy Duty Sprayer


The Venus Acid Resistant Heavy Duty Sprayer is a sprayer with enhanced chemical resistance for acid-based chemicals and descalers.

Applications include:

  • Washing aluminium and stainless steel such as alloy wheels.
  • Cleaning of equipment in automatic car washes.
  • Deep cleaning and descaling of poolsides and wet changing areas.
  • Removing limescale from showers, glass and ceramic (e.g. steam boilers, radiators).
  • Removal of cement residue during renovation, construction works and builder’s cleans.
  • Food plant descaling.
  • Toilet, urinal and washroom descalers.

The Viton seals and coated metal parts on this sprayer have been chosen for their compatibility with the harshest of chemicals to guarantee a long operation.

The nozzle cap on the Venus Acid Resistant sprayers can now also take a flat fan nozzle without the need for an adaptor.

These Acid Resistant Heavy Duty Sprayers also come with:

  • An adjustable spray nozzle to easily adjust from fine to coarse spray.
  • A spray nozzle that can also adjust directionally to spray into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Graduated, durable tanks with a visible fluid strip to indicate liquid level.

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