Ivo Athena 8 Commercial Floor Steam Cleaner


The iVo Athena 8 is a compact commercial floor steam cleaner designed to powerfully excel at a wide variety of steam cleaning tasks, including tasks usually only tackled by much larger, more cumbersome machines.

With their 8 bar power, and the ability to utilise detergent along with the steam and vacuum, the iVo Athena 8 SDV Steam Machine gives impressive cleaning performance.

The Athena 8 is compact enough for 1 person to carry upstairs or between sites, making these steam cleaners a real game-changing innovation for anyone moving cleaning equipment around their site, or between different locations.

The iVo Athena 8 is self-descaling, has a continuous steam function, and is operated by digital controls, making it among the most advanced on the market. With the detergent facility, dirt and grime are moved incredibly fast, and then vacuumed away.