Ivo Mini Scrubber – Mains Powered


The Ivo Mini Scrubber Dryer is capable of cleaning any floor surface, from natural stone to resin bound flooring to carpets. The array of attachments available can guarantee impressive cleaning on all surfaces and also an impressive level of polishing on natural stone and vinyl floors.

With a 10 Metre cable, simply plug this machine into your 230V power supply for continuous cleaning and drying of your floors. Would you prefer a battery powered? View it here.

Why is the Ivo Mini Scrubber Unique?

  • Simple and Robust Design – User friendly
  • Clean an dry simultaneously – Safe and hygienic
  • Works in forward or backward motion – Great for tight spots!
  • Fast 550rpm brush rotation – Gives impressive cleaning results!
  • Works on both carpet and hard floors – able to cover at least 500 square metres an hour.
  • Is easily transportable – weighs only 18kg and is 350mm wide with a front edge height of 150mm.

The Brush Kit includes:

  • 1 Set Medium Brushes
  • 1 Set Soft Brushes
  • 1 Set Carpet Brushes
  • 1 Set Carpet Roller Bar
  • 1 Set Pad Holders
  • 3 Sets of Standard Pads