Oxygen Powered Viva Air Freshener Dispenser


The Oxygen Powered Viva!e air freshener 60 day dispensers emit intensely scented pure fragrance oil continuously, creating a permanently fresh environment.

They are ideal for use in washrooms, offices, kitchens, changing rooms and many more environments!

What makes the Oxy-Gen Powered Viva!e air freshening system unique?

  • Operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries that last up to 2 years!  (Batteries not included)
  • Perfume oil is gradually dispersed, meaning there is a continuous and consistent fragrance intensity
  • It neutralises bad odours rather than masking them, leaving only fresh scent in the air
  • Oxy-gen refills are guaranteed to last for a full 60 days!
  • There are no propellants, refills contain 100% oil
  • Empty refills can be safely disposed of as plastic recycling
  • It is a carbon footprint approved product
  • Has a silent operation
  • Visual indicators provide refill and battery replacement reminders – Traffic light system:
  1. Green light shows when dispenser is properly loaded and working
  2. Orange light shows when dispenser needs refilled
  3. Red light shows when battery needs replaced
  • Can be positioned at any height