Oxy-gen Shield Stainless Steel Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser


Oxy-gen’s Shield commercial air freshener dispenser is a unique anti-vandalism, stainless steel dispenser that ensures consistent freshness of washroom area. An anti-vandal locking device, combines with the dispenser’s smooth contours meaning that potential vandals are unable to grip and tamper with the system.

The Shield is the only stainless steel dispenser in the world designed specifically as an Anti-Vandal system! It has also been nominated as 1 of the top 50 standout products from 2016 in Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards Guide. As a commercial air freshener dispenser, the Oxy-gen Shield should be your first choice.

The Shield’s unique ventilation design ensures maximum airflow so that that fresh fragrance is carried into the room.

The dispenser offers the same benefits as the Oxygen Powered Viva!e 60 day dispensers and uses the same refills, but is vandal-resistant.

The Shield is ideal for facilities at a high risk of vandalism, such as:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Sports stadiums and concert areas
  • Retail parks and shopping malls
  • Transport terminals
  • Outdoor or Public Toilets