Venus Alkaline Resistant Super Foamer Sprayer


The handheld Venus Alkaline Resistant Super Foamer has a capacity of 2L and is designed for applying alkaline-based chemicals as a dense foam which clings to vertical surfaces.

With its foaming nozzle and adapted dip tube, the Venus 2L will allow the application of foam using most cleaning products designed for that purpose.

Applications include:

  • Companies providing cleaning services as well as household chores such as washing windows, mirrors, garden infrastructure and any other surfaces that require using of chemicals in the form of foam.
  • Car washes and garages, particularly in the initial washing of cars or cleaning the rims and engine compartments.
  • Spot cleaning of building facades.
  • Kitchens/Food Preparation Areas – for cleaning combi steamers, ovens, tables, freezers/refrigerators and walk in cold stores.
  • Building industry – applying chemical for the removal of concrete.
  • Road industry – cleaning signs and other road equipment.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
  • Cleaning sanitary and hospital spaces.
  • Cleaning floors and walls in commercial buildings, warehouses and production spaces.
  • Cleaning steel elements on boats and aeroplanes.
  • Degreasing tools and engines.
  • Oil, grease, lubricant & soot removing.

The Venus Alkaline Resistant Super Foamer 2L has been constructed with EPDM seals making them durable and long lasting.

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