Venus Solvent Resistant Heavy Duty Sprayer


The Venus Solvent Resistant Heavy Duty Sprayer is a sprayer with enhanced chemical resistance for the application of solvent-based chemicals used in mechanical workshops, paint workshops and petrol stations.

Applications include:

  • Industrial degreasing of walls and floors.
  • Cleaning of oils, fats, grease, coal dust, spots of tar, glue and wax.
  • Removal of soot & carbon remains in chimneys, fireplaces and boilers.
  • Cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts of cars such as clutches, starters, automotive alternators, wiper motors & washers.
  • Cleaning screws, tools and machine parts.
  • Cleaning prior to car painting.

The Venus Solvent Resistant Heavy Duty Hand Sprayer 1.5L has been constructed with viton seals and a polyamide pump barrel making them durable and long lasting.

These Solvent Resistant Heavy Duty Sprayers also come with:

  • A spray nozzle that can also adjust directionally to spray into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Graduated, durable tanks with a visible fluid strip to indicate liquid level.
  • A built-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar of pressure to prevent over pressurising.
  • A base rim – for stability and protection of the base against damage.

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