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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Machines

Our range includes industry-leading brands such as Prochem and Bissell. The Prochem carpet cleaning machine and Prochem carpet cleaner chemicals are revered for their robust performance in commercial settings, ensuring deep cleaning with reliability. Similarly, the Bissell professional carpet cleaners, including the Bissell Big Green carpet machine are known for their powerful cleaning capabilities and durability, making them ideal for tackling large areas and tough stains.

We also feature innovative products like the Motorscrubber range including the Motorscrubber M3 and Motorscrubber Jet 3, which are compact, portable devices designed for detailed cleaning tasks. The V-Tuf vacuum, such as the V-Tuf extractor offers another solution that ensures a cleaner, safer environment.

The Elsea vacuum and Elsea carpet machines further complement our portfolio by providing versatile, high-efficiency cleaning solutions for diverse applications. Whether for heavy-duty or routine cleaning, these carpet and upholstery cleaning machines, including specialised equipment for precise and targeted cleaning tasks, deliver exceptional results, maintaining and extending the life of all carpeted and upholstered areas.

Cleancare’s ergonomic designs, and a commitment to sustainability, ensures our machines not only result in healthy floor areas but also reduced environmental impact.

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