As the urinal screens market becomes increasingly saturated with new products, consumers are faced with a plethora of options with which they can protect their washrooms from odour and urine splashback. We decided we would take two prominent products: the bestselling P-Wave Slant6, and the new, yet highly rated iVo EkcoScreen 60 day.

Best Urinal Screen: Construction

The most obvious differences are around each product’s shape, size, and overall construction. The P-Wave Slant6 is a much smaller screen with a more circular shape. This makes it likely to fit smaller urinals but will be ineffective in larger bowls. The EkcoScreen is larger and is shaped rather like a bloated T. This shape and size help to give a wider coverage for most urinals.

In terms of bristle construction, both use long, anti-splash bristles in slightly different ways. The EkcoScreen uses bristles on one side, with smaller, grippy standing legs on the back which help maintain the screen position in the bowl. The Slant6, however, has bristles on both sides of the screen. This double-sided design means there is no ‘wrong way’ of placing the screens but allows for increased movement of the screen whilst in the bowl, increasing long-term splashback risk and creating a poor aesthetic.

Best Urinal Screen: Sustainability

Both these products are big on sustainability, with the Slant6 and the EkcoScreen being 100% recyclable. The Slant6 also boasts a 15% recycled plastic content. Both screens are low VOC, meeting the EU VOC regulations for their product type. Where these screens do differ is in their biodegradability. Both screens have been tested to ASTM D 5511 standard landfill biodegradability test. The Slant6 was found to biodegrade by 64% over 4 years, whereas the iVo EkcoScreen was certified to biodegrade by >99% in less than 5 years, making it safer to place in regular disposal bins.

Best Urinal Screen: Fragrance

Both screens offer several fragrances and colours giving a wide range of choices. The key points of difference lie in the longevity of the fragrance. The P-Wave Slant6 claims to maintain a fragrance for 30 days. In contrast, the iVo EkcoScreen maintains its fragrance for 60 days, twice as long as its competitor. This means the washroom will hold its fragrance better, and reduce the time spent by cleaners changing the urinal screens.

Best Urinal Screen: Anti-splash

The key aim of these urinal screens is to reduce the splash of urine, and these products go about achieving this with small differentiation. The iVo EkcoScreen makes use of patented sealed filament bristle technology. The key point of these bristles is the fact that they are sealed, which allows a smother flow of urine, preventing bacteria build-up, and increasing the diffusion of urine, preventing it from splashing upwards. The Slant6 employs a similar method by using long protruding bristles to break up the urine flow. However, the Slant6’s bristles are unsealed, reducing the smoothness of the diffusion. Overall, the EkcoScreen has consistently been ranked the #1 urinal screen in terms of anti-splash capabilities.

Best Urinal Screen: Price

When considering price, it is fundamental to understand the difference between these screens’ longevity. The iVo EkcoScreen 60-day fragrance release essentially means that you will purchase 2 Slant6s in the time you purchase 1 EkcoScreen ceteris paribus. The average retail price per screen is £4.00 and £6.00 for the Slant6 and EkcoScreen respectively. It is obvious that, although the EkcoScreen holds a higher price tag, it is much more cost-effective.

Best Urinal Screen: Conclusion

Overall, we would recommend the iVo EkcoScreen as the superior urinal screen. Despite the Slant6 holding advantages in compact sizing and retail price, the EkcoScreen manages to trump it in most others. Most notably, the EkcoScreen holds significant cost-in-use benefits, increased biodegradability, and much-improved longevity. If you’re looking for the best urinal /mats, the iVo EkcoScreen 60-day is the best and most complete option.

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