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The OVA8 pole is a unique carbon fibre, telescopic, water fed window cleaning pole. This pole is not any ordinary window cleaning pole. Several key features in terms of weight and shape ensure that the OVA8 pole is the best window cleaning pole on the market.

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The OVA8 pole’s innovative section design makes it a standout product in the water fed pole market. These poles are designed with oval or ‘stadium’ profile sections. This shape consists of a rectangle with semicircles at a pair of opposite sides. This shape is key to making the OVA8 the best window cleaning pole, by providing it with some key benefits.

The first benefit of the ‘stadium’ shape is its anti-spin properties. The flat sides of the OVA8 section prevent the sections from rotating. This cuts the dreaded spinning all window cleaners experience when cleaning high-level windows with traditional, circular profile poles. This will help the operator be more productive by giving a more stable pole, and also reduce the risk for others in the surroundings.

The elimination of section rotation holds another benefit. As the pole clamps are no longer subjected to the strain of preventing the pole sections from twisting, they are exposed to significantly less wear. You will likely find that your clamps will last much longer, meaning less replacements, saving you time and money!

A further benefit of the profile of the OVA8 pole lies in its ergonomic benefits. We all know how painful gripping something for extended durations can become. However, the flat sides on the OVA8 pole allow the pole to sit more comfortably in the operator’s hand by allowing the fingers to rest naturally on the pole edges. This once again reduces operator fatigue, but at the same time, allows for increased precision in hand movements. These two factors, when combined, will give you much better results from each cleaning. That’s why the OVA8 is the best window cleaning pole.


All OVA8 poles are made of a high-quality carbon-fibre weave. Since its discovery, carbon fibre has become synonymous with lightweight products and components, and unsurprisingly, it is no different here. The OVA8 poles are around 50% lighter than aluminium alternatives, and 40% lighter than a glass fibre of the same length. As Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars once said, ‘Light is right’, and his quote applies just as much to the best window cleaning pole as it did to the inception of racing cars. A light pole will, once again, reduce operator fatigue and make the pole easier to use. This is another reason why the OVA8 pole is the best window cleaning pole on the market.


If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably interested in buying one of these poles. And you’d be right to do so. There’s no doubt that the OVA8 anti-spin water fed cleaning pole is the best window cleaning pole around. If you do high-level window cleaning, or indeed window cleaning of any kind, the OVA8 is the pole for you. Check it out on our shop, or if you have any further queries, give us a call on 028 9084 8595. We’d be very glad to hear from you, and you can be assured that we’ll do all we can to help you!Also, we stock a range of other high level cleaning products, such as gutter-vac pole kits, roof scraping kits, and even glass fibre window cleaning poles.

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