Andarta Compact Towel 600 Dispenser


Reduce cost and wastage:

  • Narrow towel size reduces costs per towel.
  • Dispenses one towel at a time which reduces wastage – user only takes the towel required.
  • Towel is dispensed fully unfolded, maximising drying performance.
  • Compact dispenser allows installation where space is restricted.
  • Can be refilled when first sleeve is used so towels are always available.
  • Impossible to load incorrectly as towel can be stacked either way up.
  • User only touches towel used which eliminates cross contamination.
  • Lockable dispenser reduces theft.
  • Window allows contents to be checked at a glance.
  • Great for Day Nurseries.


  • W: 150mm. D: 130mm. H: 275mm.
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