Bio P-Pod 30 day Urinal Cap


Biological block which caps urinal drain outlets, releasing special bacterial cultures into the pipework, which clean and deodorise. Removes and prevents build up of scale and solids.

Results in significant water savings, by allowing the flushing frequency to be reduced to three times a day!

Bacterial action safe in septic tanks.

The simple solution to reducing costs & your carbon footprint as well as improving the washroom experience.

  • Easily replaced no tools required
  • Substantial blockage reduction
  • Up to 95% water savings
  • UK manufactured
  • No installation cost
  • Freshens the washroom
  • 100% recyclable
  • 1 Biological Block will last 1 month

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How does the Bio-P Urinal Cap system work?

The Bio-P cap is an attractive containerised dosing system, housing a block of special environmentally-friendly bacteria that are slowly released into the urinal trap and pipes, cleaning and deodorising constantly.

Why is it so different to every other urinal cartridge system out there?
The cap simply ‘snaps’ into the existing urinal grate. Reduce the frequency of flushing to 3 times every 24 hours to reduce water consumption, your carbon footprint and water charges.

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