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MotorScrubber STORM Ballistic Virus Killer

  • Fast and Thorough way to sanitise Touch-Points
  • Lightweight and portable – Very quick to set up
  • Comfortable Backpack with on-board storage, suitable for all day use
  • 1 Hour 50 mins continuous battery life (giving 3-4 hours of normal use)



The STORM Ballistic Virus Killer has been invented to help combat Coronavirus, enabling fast, efficient touch point disinfection and can be used for prolonged periods due to its lightweight design.  Thanks to the built in high speed Swirl Nozzle, operating at 68 microns, STORM enables you to disinfect all touch surfaces including the reverse side of 3D touch points (requires M-Wipes, see below), which are often missed during cleaning and disinfecting. STORM Kit comes with a backpack which is comfortable to wear, has a 1L container and holder for your disinfectant and is suitable for any user with its adjustable straps and secures around the waist. The extendable cable allows you to use your wand with no limitations.

The light mist ‘fog’ type spray from the Storm allows you to safely spray keyboards and other sensitive areas that are touch points and need regular sanitising. For touch screens or very delicate areas you can use the optional on-board M-Wipes kit to easily dispense a wipe, spray the wipe and sanitise the surface.

M-Wipes have been created along side STORM to ensure 360 degree coverage. Use your STORM Wand to coat the wipe with disinfectant, apply to the reverse of touch point and dispose of the used wipe in your on-board disposal pouch. The M-Wipes Kit is available to buy with STORM or as a separate item.

1 Hour 50 minute continuous use from the rechargeable battery, giving 3-4 Hours of normal use.

Available packages

STORM Wand only – Wand

STORM Kit – Wand and backpack

STORM Kit + M-Wipes Kit – Wand, backpack, 6 x 100 wipes, dispenser pouch and disposal pouch

M-Wipes – 6 x 100 wipes

M-Wipes Kit – 6 x 100 wipes, dispenser pouch and disposal pouch


STORM Wand Only, STORM Kit, STORM Kit + M-Wipes Kit, M-Wipes Kit, M-Wipes

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