Streamline Ova-8 Anti-Spin Waterfed Window Cleaning Poles


Experience the fantastic yet simple oval design of the new Ova-8 pole.

The two flat sides sit more comfortably in your hand and allow your fingers to sit on the flat edge.

Any experienced operator will tell you how annoying and dangerous it is to have a spinning pole section and a rotating brush head. The oval design of Ova Eight poles eliminate this and make window cleaning more productive for the operator and safer for everyone around.

Clamps only have to prevent the pole sections moving up and down not stop them roataing so there is less wear and strain on the clamps.

The unique Ova8 gooseneck is anti rotational and quick release allowing you to easily remove or change the brush head.

Ova-8 poles are compatible with the popular Uni-Valve water saving device.

The Ova 8 range of poles are available in sizes from 17′ – 60′ and available to order online from stock at Cleancare Ireland for collection or shipment.

The 17′ is the latest addition to the range and with its more compact 1.5 Metre section is ideal for everyday use and easy to transport in smaller vehicles.

Our 22″ Ova 8 Hi-Mod Pole is a more rigid pole offering greater stability at height.

There are 2 varieties of the 60′ size, the more expensive one being a higher Modular content of carbon for more rigidity in use. Recommended for the discerning window cleaner who regularly works at extreme heights!