TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipes


TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Wipes are strong, absorbent rough and soft wet cleaning wipes with a citrus odour, for industrial use.

The TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipe quickly and effectively removes contaminants such as Oil, Grease, Ink and Petrol from hands, tools, machinery and similar interior and exterior surfaces whilst being equally effective for the removal or Adhesive, Bitumen, Epoxies, Joining Compounds, Mastic, Paint, Polyurethanes, Polyester fillers, Sealants and many other wet and semi-cured substances.

What’s so good about the Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipe?

  • It’s made of hard-to-tear, highly absorbent material
  • It is rough textured on one side for a gentle scrubbing in action
  • The blend of ingredients will remove contaminants found in most trades and industries
  • It contains a powerful anti-bacterial additive
  • It is effective against MRSA, Listeria, E Coli and Weils Disease (tested to BS EN 1276:1997 and BS EN 12954: 1995 for killing bacteria on dirty surfaces and hands)
  • There are 110 wipes per pail, that are foil sealed for freshness and long storage life