Mercury Foaming Nozzle


The Mercury Foaming nozzle is for use with the Mercury Pro+ Double Action Range of Sprayers and is designed for applying cleaning chemicals as a foam to vertical surfaces.

The nozzle allows for quick, accurate and precise coverage of the surface with a foam.

Applications include:

  • Companies providing cleaning services as well as household chores such as washing windows, mirrors, garden infrastructure and any other surfaces that require using of chemicals in the form of foam.
  • Car washes and garages, particularly in the initial washing of cars or cleaning the rims and engine compartments.
  • Spot cleaning of building facades.
  • Kitchens/Food Preparation Areas – for cleaning combi steamers, ovens, tables, freezers/refrigerators and walk in cold stores.
  • Building industry – applying chemical for the removal of concrete.
  • Road industry – cleaning signs and other road equipment.

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